Broadcast to the World is the sixth studio album released by Zebrahead. It was the first album released by Zebreahead to feature their current lead singer Matty Lewis.

Track listingEdit

1. "Broadcast to the World"  
2. "Rated 'U' for Ugly"  
3. "Anthem"  
4. "Enemy"  
5. "Back to Normal"  
6. "Postcards from Hell"  
7. "Karma Flavored Whisky"  
8. "Here's to You"  
9. "Wake Me Up"  
10. "Lobotomy for Dummies"  
11. "The Walking Dead"  
12. "Your New Boyfriend Wears Girl Pants"  

Music Style and VocalsEdit

Broadcast to the World continues on the punk rock/pop style that was emphasized in the album MFZB. This was also the first album released after the departure of former lead vocalist Justin Mauriello, who was, in this album, replaced with Matty Lewis.

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