Lewis in live concert

Matty Steven Lewis (age 36) is the co-lead singer of the band Zebrahead. He was first introduced into the band in a 2005 "secret show."

Early CareerEdit

At age 22, Lewis began his own band Jank 1000, a punk rock band in his hometown. The band was started in 1999 and ended in 2003 in the process of recording their third album.


In 2005, Zebrahead needed a new co-lead singer due to the recent departure of Justin Mauriello. Lewis tried out for the part, and to Zebrahead's delight, they found he sounded similar to Justin. In 2005, Zebrahead introduced his as the new singer and rhythm guitarist.


  • Matty Lewis began playing guitar at age 12.
  • Matty Lewis is believed to have gotten in touch with Zebrahead through
  • He was born in Papillion, Nebraska.